Hi. I'm Dax.

I'm a certified full stack and software developer with 5+ years experience with over 200 websites and 50 apps created.

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Here's some of the stuff I do.

I tend to use latest technologies in all coding languages.


HTML is basic without nothing would be possible. Currently i am using HTML5 to make sure all websites i create turn out to be modern and updated.


You can't have a modern and nice looking website without some CSS styling. I am using CSS3 to make sure everything looks slim and fit.


This also includes a jQuery. JavaScript is a must have for latest technologies. If you want to have good user experience, you must use JavaScript.


PHP is a server-side language which is the most popular language in my opinion. Web apps and database maintenance are impossible without PHP. I use latest PHP 7.


I work as Java developer. It's my daily 9 - 5 job. It's my strong side and i love coding in Java. All apps made in Java are available on any OS in the world. I also use Vaadin framework.


With a knowledge of Java it was a really easy way for me to learn Android development. I'm also a tech fun and i just love smartphones which makes Android development a joy for me.

Here’s some stuff I made recently.

Note: Not all of projects i've done are listed below. They are many more but i believe this are better than other ones.

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